What “The Cost of Following” Means

We all follow something.

It could be the Joneses. It could be fashion trends. It could be mommy blogs. It could be Jesus.

Whatever we follow, it’ll cost us something.


I want to make this blog a place where people (including myself), can stop and think about what it means to be a Christian with money.

The name came from this verse:

But don’t begin until you count the cost. For who would begin construction of a building without first calculating the cost to see if there is enough money to finish it? – Luke 14:28

Jesus’ audience was a large crowd who were “following” him. It was a warning, letting them know it wasn’t going to be easy. The verse that precedes it likens the effort required to that of carrying a cross (a giant, heavy piece of wood that will eventually be used to kill you). The verse before that, describes the degree to which we must be devoted and love Jesus, to be so great it would make our love and devotion to family seem like hatred in comparison.

Whatever the cost is to following Jesus, it’s not going to be easy. It will involve re-organizing priorities and taking difficult steps of obedience. This blog won’t make the decisions easy, but I hope that it can help make it clear what following Jesus with your finances means, and that it’s worth it. 

A prayer:

Dear Jesus,

I want to bring everything in my life under your authority, especially my finances. Please help me to know how to make you Lord of my life, in every sense. 



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