Saving Money During Your Time of the Month

This blog is written by a woman. Hi.

I am brand loyal.

I love my always® brand “thin liners”. And after receiving (what seemed like) a lifetime supply of Tampax® Pearl® tampons once from my dad (long story), I’ve been pretty brand loyal to their expensive, yet effective, product.

Let’s face it, women, this stuff ain’t cheap.

Here are some Canadian Proctor & Gamble coupons, if you’re a fan of Tampax, Tide, Crest or Venus razors and the like.

But how often are we educated about alternatives?

The ultimate way to save money during your time of the month, other than some sort of drastic surgery, is to cut down on how much you have to buy.

  • Make your own pads (if that’s your thing), or
  • use a DivaCup.

When I first heard of the DivaCup, it was at university, in the hallway where someone had set up a table for some club, and a girl held it up to me like a keychain and was telling me about its environmental benefits. I was grossed out, and feeling quite awkward as she talked freely to me about her period.

I don’t think there is a way I can talk about the benefits of a DivaCup, without  making you feel uncomfortable, so I will tell you its financial benefits, and leave the rest of the research up to you.

Click the image to go to NaturallyHip on Etsy. She sells handmade pads out of Burlington, Ontario.

Here are the DivaCup Frequently Asked Questions. it’s a great place to start.

You can buy the DivaCup at with free shipping to Canada, for $40, and the DivaWash (optional) for $10. So that’s a $40-$50 investment, and it’s recommended you replace it either once a year, or whenever you see signs of wear. (If you live in America, you can buy it online at – Canadians, it’s offered slightly cheaper there, but shipping is $20).

Tampax Pearl tampons cost about $8, when not on sale (and goodness knows I’ve had to buy them many-a-times full price). They last about 1.5 – 2 cycles for me,  which I’d estimate runs me around $50-65 a year. Add to that the cost of pantyliners and occasional pads, and I’m probably spending close to $80 a year. On the DivaCup website, they suggest women spend $150-200 US a year on feminine hygiene products.   I’m looking into using the DivaCup because I think it might serve my physical needs better than tampons, but women who use more tampons or pads could save a lot of money from using the DivaCup.

Would you ever consider using an alternative method to pads and tampons? What are your reasons: environmental, financial, comfort?


6 thoughts on “Saving Money During Your Time of the Month

  1. Let me just say that I’m all for saving money, but this is where I draw the line. Ew.
    There are some things that are worth spending the money on, like that present that makes your husband’s face light up, and when it comes to feminine hygiene (and most medications for that matter), it is definitely worth spending money for something that WORKS! Because, you know, doing laundry every day for 4-7 days each month is also expensive. And leaks are embarrassing, especially on a heavy day.
    I think when it comes to medications (especially prescriptions) and feminine hygiene, the aspect of something working well is of absolute importance. Do we really want to go back 200 years of progress and be afraid to leave the house lest we leak through our cloth pad? Or risk what I can only imagine is a worse possibility for toxic shock (or leakage) than tampons when using this Diva Cup? Brand loyalty is not always a bad thing. So we all have our preferred brands, because they work for us, and I think the extent to which we should go to save money is the afore-mentioned Superstore trips and saving up Optimum points.

    My small tangent/rant: My inclusion of medications has more to do with the fact that about 50% of the people I know who use the generic drugs find that they don’t work and/or have worse side-effects. Although they are very cheap and tempting, they also are unregulated knock-offs of our favourite brand-name drugs and have to pass far fewer safety tests than the brand-names do. Sometimes it’s important for things ie. birth control to work. Or else we can refer back to Tiff’s comment 😉

    • Haha. I tried my hardest to make this not gross 😛 But I still got an “ew”. I understand. Haha.

      The DivaCup for me is more like a step forward in technology. I hate how many tampons I flush down the toilet, and how often my body just doesn’t fit into “light” “regular” or “heavy.” For some it could be a money-saving otpion (I’d think the home-made pads would be better for that, as they’re the cheapest), but for me it’s more about convenience, and the environment.

      But as far as health is concerned, there are no reported cases of TSS with cups.

  2. diva cups are awesome.

    1. only have to change it 2/day regardless of your flow.
    2. no need for liners/pads which always made me feel like i was wearing a diaper etc.
    3. no more flushing tampons down the toilet and other waste piling up in the garbage.

    i admit the first thought can make you a little queasy but you’ll get used to changing it in no time and at 40 bucks i don’t think you can really go wrong.

    they’ll recommend you change it every 6-12 months (i think) but honestly i think that is more to make money than really necessary….

    it’s convenient, cleaner (for me anyways), cheaper. the three Cs ladies.

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