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Netflix Canada: The Big C

August 31, 2011

Netflix Canada does not have the same selection of movies and television series as it does in the states, but for me (right now) it’s still got enough to keep making my eight bucks a month worth it! To help you figure out what to watch, I am reviewing some of the shows I’d recommend. Before you invest, do your research and see if Netflix would be worth it for you! 

The Big C was originally titled, “The C Word,” but that was considered a bit too controversial (and confusing with “The L Word,” so the story goes). The show doesn’t play it safe despite it’s name having to, however, and its characters are there to shock you, be politically incorrect, and imply less than favourable things about our supposed protagonist – Cathy – who has been diagnosed  with cancer. She is a bit insane, but awesome hilarious insane. Cathy is an antihero, doing things that make her both indearing and an incredible pain to those around her, but it’s clear that the cancer diagnosis has given her a freedom that allows her to love and pursue things she never would have before. She is the exasperated mother of a teenager as well as a seemingly crazy estranged wife, and a persistent, hilarious neighbour. She makes me laugh and cry because of her no-holds-barred passion for doing whatever the heck she wants because, why not? Laura Linney is an amazing actress and I thought they did such a great job telling a very unique, very compelling story.

As far as content is concerned, there’s lots of swearing and some extra-marital sex – it is a Showcase series. If you feel like you don’t mind an adult exploration of what one wife, mother, sister, and friend might do in the case of an imperfect life coming to a close, and want to watch an incredible series, with great writing and amazing acting, I would definitely recommend The Big C. There are 13 episodes on Netflix Canada, and there is enough closure at the end that whether there is a season 2 or not (there is), you feel like you’ve watched a complete story.

On Netflix, it’s got 4.2 stars. I gave it 5 (I can’t give half-star ratings, so I went for a full five star rating).

Not sure if you’d like the show? Read more in depth on IMDB – The Big C.

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