There’s a time to spend money

I heard once that if you are from out of province, an ambulance bill can run you over $200. But my friend, who did not have health coverage in Ontario, had split her hand down the middle with a piece of glass while washing dishes and needed to get to the hospital fast.

'hospital' photo (c) 2005, Abel Pardo López - license:

It’s unfortunate she had to pay out of pocket AND get her hand sliced open. But emergencies happen. When your health and safety is concerned, being skimpy could cost you in things that money can’t buy (like your hand… or your life).

On Saturday my dad got in a car accident. He was released from the hospital but was confused, exhausted, and likely in shock. He probably didn’t eat for more than a day, I imagine trying to “sleep it off.” He became too weak to make himself food and was clearly dehydrated, so my mother and I took turns visiting him at meals to make him food and help him eat it. On the first day, he seemed to be regaining his strength but by the second day he wasn’t sitting up to eat nevermind getting up. We needed to call an ambulance.

I don’t believe it costs $200 for an ambulance to deliver someone who needs emergency medical care to a hospital in Ontario if they’re from Ontario, but even if it did, I’d pay it in a heartbeat.

My dad is lying comfortably now in an emergency ward, with antibiotics, and an IV in his system. He had gotten pneumonia. As he is 75, pneumonia can be pretty serious.

Money is for living life, and saving lives. Never forget that.

Please pray for my dad and my mom, who is with him now at the hospital. Thanks.