My husband and I got married in the spring (April, to be sort of exact). We were looking at ways to keep costs down on our wedding reception, and one of the things that made a big difference was getting married earlier in the day and having a lunch instead of a dinner for our guests.

When guests arrived, they got a little “welcome drink” that was a double-shot glass of apple cider and a cinnamon donut hole on top, and then for  hors d’oeurves they passed around little banana pancakes with chocolate sauce, and little french toasts with syrup. Or so I heard. We were out doing our photos with the wedding party at the time, but the food got rave reviews.

Pic of Cora's crepe

I found this picture on the internet. Thank you, photogenic stranger, for this pefect image of a Cora’s crepe.

Today is Valentine’s Day, and instead of going out for dinner (not to save money, but to save some of the stress of going out on a Friday night/Valentine’s Day which would ensure lots of crowds), we went out for brunch and had Cora’s. It’s a Canadian breakfast and lunch eatery that serves loads of fruit on their crepes and I got a crepe with Nutella.

It’s been a very special day so far, and just goes to show sometimes it’s thinking outside the box and a bit of chocolate-for-breakfast that can make a huge difference.


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