I’m an adult

Expectations are the worst.

The four-year-old I used to nanny for didn’t think I was an adult. I could tell her I was over 18, I was married, and could drive, but for her there were only two categories: child and parent. Since I didn’t have kids myself, I was in the child category.

This four-year-old may have expected me to have kids at 27. When I was four, I probably expected the same. I’d like to think I’m a bit more informed now, but I still have expectations that are sometimes unrealistic. For example, I should be able to do X, and if I can’t, well then, somethings wrong with me.

I struggle with creating healthy habits, like taking multivitamins (or at least the recommended calcium supplements and vitamin D, here’s what Health Canada has to say about that). I always felt kind of guilty because I’d forget to take them and begrudging do what I was supposed to do, but I’ve learned that sometimes to succeed we need to be patient with ourselves, and give ourselves some self-compassion and grace.

Enter: Life Brand Gummy multivitamins.

There was not a better picture to represent this post than this. You're welcome.

There was not a better picture to represent this post than this. You’re welcome.


I have not found a more motivating way of taking vitamins, and as long as it helps me take them, which helps me stay healthy, it’s worth the cost. It’s like toothpaste – don’t skimp – your teeth are worth it.


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