I find that I bristle at the suggestion of “overthinking”. Is it not the brain’s design to think? But I was accused of overthinking by a person I trust and who I’ve had a long relationship with – my counsellor.

Don't Overthink It

Jack Donaghy – not my counsellor, but I love him all the same.

While I wasn’t talking with her about money at the time, I recognize a parallel in my finances. I tend to let endless possibilities (a.k.a. overthinking) limit me. Not just limit, I let it stop me.

Instead of looking at what I can do, something manageable and simple…

I expound upon it. I think it has to be bigger, more significant, routine, consistent, the new normal… I have to plan to replicate it and multiply it.

I look back and see my history of not doing it and I look forward and think of how I’ll have to make it up and I become overwhelmed by failure and fear of failure and fear of success…

Andy Stanley has a line he uses with regards to leadership, but it works in a lot of areas of life – do for one what you wish you could do for all. In other words, don’t let he fact that you can’t do something for everyone, stop you from doing something some one.

Baby steps.


Take it one step at a time.

Try. Do the thing. One thing. Once. And don’t overthink it.

I’m going to give some money away this week. $35. I’ve pulled that number out of thin air. And I’m praying God will show me where to send it.

The End. [thinking, you’re done here]


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