Gideon & having too much

Gideon was was a leader. He had resources. An army of 32,000. God wanted to deliver the Israelites from their enemy but wanted to help them realize it was God who gave them victory, not their own physical prowess or sheer numbers. God said to Gideon: “You have too many men for me to deliver …” (Judges 7:2) God reduced them to just 300 men.


They boasted in their hard heads, stubbornness, and abs.

Is God saying to you… You have too much of X for me to deliver? What do you boast in? It could be the number in your bank account, but maybe it’s your frugality, or your wardrobe or your house. All good things – but not the most important things – that may be getting in the way of following Christ. Chances are that what you secretly revel in, the thing you’re the most proud of, where you spend the most money, is the thing that God could use for some sweet victory you could never imagine. Practically speaking, Gideon’s military victory could not have been won with sheer numbers. The strategy (God’s idea, which left Gideon quite unsettled so God gave him a sign (v.9)), required just 300 men surrounding the encampment of the enemy and surprising them at a night (go read the story). The element of surprise could not have been accomplished with 30k troops. Confusion which caused the Midianites destruction did not spread into the Israelite troops because there was space between the men – which wouldn’t have happened if there had been 30k of them. But even with the 300 left, it was God who gave them the victory. 

 When they blew the 300 trumpets, the Lord set every man’s sword against his comrade and against all the army. – Judges 7:22

What is your 300...the amount you think is too little to do any good, or maybe even a small but strategic resource… that you could use for God? And if you’re rich…with 30,000 troops that you’re proud of and that you trust for victory… how is God asking you take a portion of it (1%? 10%) and do something extraordinary with? ** God didn’t kill Israel’s troops, he just sent them back because there were too many. Sometimes we have too much and it feels too big for us to do anything with. We’d rather do nothing than risk trying. Start today with a small risk, a small clump of cash or investment in something that accomplishes God’s purposes. Let us pray:

God, You have given us much. You are generous and you have made us stewards of what little or much we have. Please give us wisdom because you have promised to give us wisdom if we ask, and show us the way we can accomplish your purposes. Help us to be the servant who does’t bury their worth but invests in things eternal. Give us signs, like you gave Gideon, or give us faith to trust in you, but please help us to do much with what we have for your glory and for the fame of your name. Amen.