This is hard

Day three. I suspect this is what withdrawal feels like. From a heroin addiction.

I never realized how attuned I was to the possibilities of consumption when I drove around. I imagine it comes from that genetic history of hunter-gatherers, constantly on the look-out for where there might be nuts, edible roots, and berries… except for me it’s groceries and coffee shops… those are the things I always scanning the horizon for. And now I’m hyper-aware.

It feels a bit like fasting, where suddenly you really notice just how many advertisements there are for food on television, because you’re sooo hungry.

I wonder what the hunger is that consumerism promises to satisfy?

One of the first CHALLENGES (from the Living Well & Spending Zero blog) that serves as a helpful DISTRACTION and as a practical tool is to create an INVENTORY of your FOOD.

There’s a printable, colourful PDF, or you can draw your own (like I did!)

freezer inventory

What blew my mind is the fact that I intentionally did not stock up and yet my freezer is FULL. And now I’m kind of excited. And I want that donut.

Isn’t it funny how we often have way more than we realize?

UPDATE: I did my Pantry, too.




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