littlepicBy day I work as a part-time Children’s minister at an Anglican church in Toronto. By night I am Batman*. I am married, own a dog, and for some reason find money management kind of interesting.

The Bible gives some great insight into our purpose on this planet and what we do with the resources we have during our time here. It’s my favourite book about the meaning of life. I also like Netflix.

Did you know?! The Bible contains about 2,350 verses on money. 15% of the Bible is about money/possessions, that is more than any other single topic including heaven, hell, faith or prayer.

That doesn’t mean money is more important, but it does mean we need a lot of guidance on it. It doesn’t come naturally for us to know how to spend wisely, or save wisely, or give wisely… so I made this blog to talk about that.

There are bigger and better blogs out there, that are more comprehensive and technical, but I figured there’s room in the conversation for someone with an English degree (and M.Div student) who likes speaking colloquially, and sometimes in ALL CAPS.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I am by no means an expert, but I’m interested in exploring this topic, and exploring it with people who are asking some of the same practical, relevant and difficult questions I am.


The best thing I’ve ever seen.

*not actually true


2 thoughts on “Me

  1. Christine! This is great! I just stumbled on your blog via facebook and I am totally intrigued. Faith and money has been a hot topic for my husband and I since we got married, so I can really identify. Great to see you take it on in a thoughtful and quirky way. I’ll be reading!

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